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What is Creativity Coaching? It's like Life Coaching for Creatives. Creative Life Coaching.


Creativity coaching is a process that supports people to unlock their creative potential and achieve their artistic goals. It involves working with a coach – me! – who provides guidance, encouragement and training in the creative process (and more). I'll also weave in practical strategies to overcome creative blocks, enhance inspiration, develop effective routines, and navigate the challenges of the creative journey. Creativity coaching helps individuals tap into their unique talents, expand their creativity, and achieve greater fulfilment in their artistic pursuits. My clients are from diverse fields, not all from creative professions. Everyone is welcome! 


Contact me for prices and details for coaching options and The Creative FOUNDATIONS Program.

Browse testimonials from my clients to determine if my services align with your needs.

Individual coaching and course reviews

"Today, I am not the same person that started this course...and it’s a good thing. At the risk of sounding very soppy: I was brought back to life." — Anonymous

"The Creative Foundations course helped me work through some serious creative blocks I’d been holding onto for a long time. It helped me reflect honestly on some of the beliefs and habits that were holding me back, and by working dedicatedly on each week’s activities, I had some really life-changing epiphanies that have changed the way I work as a creative. I’m now habitually kinder to myself than I once was, more patient and have a clearer idea of where I am and where I want to be. On top of this, Sally is a warm, nurturing coach and such a pleasure to work with. She’s encouraging and empathetic but challenges you to grow in the process. Couldn’t recommend her or the Creative Foundations Course enough!" — Max Noakes, Noakes Music Studio

"Creative Coaching with Sally has been the greatest investment in myself. Not only have I overcome all the insecurities & doubts as a creative but have expanded everything I hoped for over the last 11 years (working together). My creativity has evolved from within to the workplace, leading a fruitful, dynamic team of creators. I now have practical tools to not only survive but also thrive continuously." — Charlene Loh, Head of Video, Southern Cross Austereo (2022)


"It was an unforgettable journey of discovering obstacles in my writing career, together with a tutor who never let me down. Sally has the ability to lift anybody up, and is the best guide that anybody can hope to meet in their writing career. She knows how to lead you through difficult trails you find on the way. What a privilege to study under such extraordinary leadership! Thanks, Sal! This course was an unforgettable experience." — Elma Roos


"(I) thoroughly recommend it to anyone ready to explore their creative options and make a change in their lives. (Sally) was warm, responsive, caring, sensitive, talented, helpful and individually tailored to me." — L Philippsen

"I was at a stage where I was feeling lost, uncreative and very much 'in a spin', not knowing where to turn. For me, this course was much less about creativity and much more about reorienting myself, getting unstuck and ended up building confidence. The most significant changes I made in direct relation to the work we did together were: 1. Increased business revenue 2. Increased self confidence and faith in myself 3. I resolved some VERY big issues 4. I'm much happier about where things are going 5. I'm sooo much more positive. I feel I am much lighter and have a set of tools to help me when/if I start to tip downwards."  — Ben H, Data Visualisation Designer, Melbourne

"The course was everything I expected and more. It was enjoyable, entertaining and a fun way of learning. The experience I had with my lecturer was absolutely perfect; Sally was always kind and helpful and supportive. The course was informative and helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve. It was a good experience, one that I would love to do again and one that I would recommend to others." — Monica Terlouw​

"I worked with Sally for about a year as she guided me through the Artists Way At Work course. She was a friendly and supportive mentor. The course was both fun and challenging, and Sally was with me in that journey every step of the way. Sally goes above and beyond, offering her wealth of knowledge across many fields to enhance the AWAW journey. She not only knows the AWAW inside and out, but also genuinely lives this herself - providing constant 'real' inspiration. My creativity has freed up,  I have tools to help deal with day-to-day work situations and my knowledge of myself has grown immensely." — Art Director, Sydney 


"This course has been special and the start of something that will stay with me. This course has kind of sneaked up on my blocks and got in underneath them without the blocks having that same intensity of power any more. I now know I can break through them when they come up. It’s nothing like what I expected. I think I expected to be told a lot of things instead I’ve been ‘shown’ by the power of the questions. I’ve been asked to write slowly with little question chunks that are doable instead of daunting. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. I thought it was going to be ‘hard work’ and more like crashing through my barriers but the subtlety of the process has been enchanting. I’m writing and just getting on with it. I’m actioning what I need to work on for publishing my book. I have a whole lot more confidence and a storehouse of tools to tap into to get me writing that I never had before. My writing life has changed completely." — Denise Weir, NZ


Sally Mazák heralds in a new-frontier style of teaching; she celebrates who you are right now and then gently and expertly guides you towards discovering your best creative self, much like an exciting adventure! With Sally, I felt supported and 'heard' from the very first email. What a sigh of relief to meet someone who really understood where I was at, why I was there and how we could work together to reclaim my creative energies. Being a very practical person, I love the fact that this course has real strategies one can action immediately; there is no 'fluffy' stuff; all the teachings are practical processes aimed at tangible results. You also have in Sally your very own personal cheerleader; what more could a girl want??!! Prior to Sally's coaching, my writing was spasmodic; now I am in the delicious place of feeling that something is missing if I don't write each day. This is directly due to Sally's influence; teaching me how to embrace my creativity again in small and manageable steps. [What I learned] was very relevant, insightful and inspiring. Sally was such a joy to deal with; full of positivity, fun, information and onto it energy! The one-on-one contact with her felt very real and special; just like she was only dealing with me personally and she had all the time and interest in the world to do so. Sally is a real inspiration and a pioneer in undertaking this authentic work. We could all use these insights to gain a little magic and wonder back into our worlds. I recommend this creative makeover to anyone who has ever had an idea.....Do this course now and banish your inner critic to the time-out corner forever. — Catherine Bos

"I found some words that really explained my ultimate quest, a quest that you have played a massive part in...’To attain what was previously unattainable’. I can’t really begin to express my gratitude for helping me bring into reality all the things I didn’t think I could do or have. Last week I went over some past notes of our weekly journey, and I was delighted to discover how many things we had dealt with, and that I could just tick them off my ‘anxiety’ list! Below is the tip of the iceberg really and all related to my creativity…How and from where to Create; Money fears; Numbers & accounting anxiety; Time management stress; Discovering my $$ value of my work; Discovering my spiritual value of my work; Discovering my true self worth; Discovering my point of difference in my personal and working life. In truth this work has set me up to realise that I can now create whatever future I want to create for myself. I believe and breath it now! Thankyou.” — Catherine Mayne, Costume Designer, Sydney


"I loved writing but was finding it such a struggle. I started lots of projects but never finished them. I struggled to pin down good ideas and flesh them out. As soon as I chose an idea I would give up on it and start on another. It was a negative cycle I couldn't break. Enrolling on this course was a last resort for me. Sally's workbooks and feedback really got to the heart of things, helped me understand why I was struggling and taught me ways of dealing with what actually are common problems. I came out at the other end feeling that I knew what to do to go forward. The course was a great experience." — Laila Murphy, UK

"I decided to start creativity coaching because I was on a search for fulfilment in my creative life regarding my career. I was seeking answers – to have my skills utilised within a larger company where my creativity would be somewhat flexible and to maintain that balance. I also wanted to get into a self-discovery journey and analysis of how other creative people work. Different personalities, different work ethics, different levels of passion. I know one day I want to lead and manage a team to inspire and get the best out of people. Literally the week I contacted Sally, I was freelancing and not really enjoying the ups and downs of that. I was looking for a full time position, which didn’t really reflect any of the previous environments I had been in. I was looking to be mentored in work but also in creativity… I felt slightly taken back with my confidence and insecure about my level of skill and thinking how I would fit into a large company or post-production company, as it seems pretty tough in my industry. I didn’t really set any expectations for the creative coaching, I just hoped I would get to the core of my creative authenticity and who I am as a person and just be proud of that.  Since the coaching I feel like I have let go of being insecure with my skills…Moments from my first year working in the industry had scarred me and I feel like by using the tools and morning pages I have let it all go now and I’m at peace with the experiences. I’m definitely more in control of my emotions when it comes to my work and the creative process. I’m not as stressed out as before, things do feel easier.I’m more confident about my future. I feel like I have the tools, the book & the coach to know that I can get through anything in creativity, work and life. I’m not alone on this journey. There are ups and downs but I understand both flux’s – I know I have the determination to pick up when it happens, I’ve experienced it multiple times and I know it’s all just part of the creative journey. I’m excited about what is to come whereas at the beginning I was unsure & had a fear of failing. The first exercise Sally got me to do with my job interview was brilliant. I never felt so at peace in an interview process; sure I was nervous but there was something very reassuring of knowing what would happen if I did or did not get the job. Whereas before, I made it a live or die situation – haha dramatic I know. I know based on the tools I’ve done through this journey and speaking to Sally about various x,y,z I’m going to lead & inspire a creative team one day. It’s important to have inspiring leaders but also leaders who care about your well-being and personal development. It’s important to motivate, nurture and help people as I have had the same attention when discovering my creative skills. I completely embrace the creative & myself now. I have full faith this is where my path lies in life – in connecting with people through my video skills." Charlene Loh, Digital Video Creative Director, Melbourne Australia (2018)


"I was at the start of my creative journey, and I really liked the fact that Sally had done the course in the US with one of the authors - that was a huge selling point for me. I also liked the idea of starting my journey with something structured like the AWAW book, it gave me a sense of having milestones along the way, so although there were a lot of unknowns I did know there was a start, a middle and an end.

Another lovely surprise is that I found Sally to be most generous in all sorts of ways with her knowledge and experience. Writing is now an essential part of my life, and when I don't do my morning pages I literally 'ache'. It is like runners who take a day off from running, their body aches for the run. I have also started exploring many other things like meditation, prayer, and spirituality, in fact my whole life direction is changing.  I now have the skills and confidence to continue exploring my creativity, I feel the course taught me how to approach life creatively and that has stayed with me long since the course has ended." — Keri, IBM Victoria


"Since completing this course…I feel more confident. I’ve realized that it’s in my power to pursue my dreams and confront whatever it is that keeps holding me back. I’ve realised that I need to face my fears and stop making excuses if I’m serious about writing. I do not want to look at writing just as a possible career change but rather focus on writing as something to enrich my life, i.e. I don’t have to make it a career to be fulfilled. But I do need to write as it will make me become a better person. I’m also now more positive of writing existing alongside my teaching profession. It doesn’t have to be the one or the other. They can co-exist for now." — Corrina Coetzer


"I feel most grateful for this course. I actually had no idea what to expect. I didn’t want to walk into this with preconceptions that would drown out the reality. I simply held the hope that I would grow and find it in me, however deeply buried, to try and keep trying. And that hope has been met with success resounding. I grew and learnt a great deal from my wonderful experience learning with you." — Adrienne Addinall

"I've had a wonderful week thanks to being placed as a runner-up in a short story competition...I really believe that it's a direct result of this course as I'd never have sent it in otherwise." — Norah Jansen

Workshop reviews 

"From the moment I walked into Sally's workshop, I immediately felt at ease. Sally has a warmth, honesty and knowledge base that would make even the most hesitant and shy participant blossom. I felt as though I could have done this workshop all weekend! As a result of the program Sally guided us through, I left believing that I really could let go of the failures, regrets and fears that had manifested in my life in the past and move forward with the confidence and conviction to achieve the creative goals I've set for myself. And actually made new ones! I imagine Sally's work to be highly rewarding to the point where I would consider being a creative coach one day myself. Thanks Sally for your time and generosity. I look forward to working with you again soon ;-)" — Amy Coutts, Actor


“[Coaching] allowed me to reflect on my writing barriers and look critically at what blocks my creativity. Sally was a fantastic tutor who nurtured my process of discovering more about my blocks and how to take steps forward. She was encouraging, supportive and created a light mood when intense issues were explored. She put a lot into the weekly feedbacks and got me to think about core issues in an insightful manner. Sally is what made the course what it stands for. Her input and encouragement helped me knock down my barriers, which has left me feeling hopeful and inspired about my writing. I wanted to do this course to feel inspired and hopeful about my writing and it did so. But far more importantly, it created self awareness to my barriers and equipped me with tools to take with me in my writing career.” — Yolanta Suart, Writer


"I really appreciated the warmth and respect shown to the group by Sally. I felt surrounded by kindred spirits."

"I enjoyed exploring my interests and fears. I learnt that I'm not alone in being frustrated by my lack of time. It was inspirational listening and sharing with others in the group."

"It's never too late to open your mind and give yourself a chance to be everything you can be. This workshop made me feel more confident about trying new things...It got my mind ticking over."

"I learnt that I'm not alone when it comes to having creative blocks and challenges. Sally's presentation is excellent."

"She is very approachable and puts the group at ease. It was very informative and quite different from anything I've ever done before."

"I refocused my priorities and refreshed myself with the important things. I felt that I have developed some personal goals and dreams. I was very impressed by other participants perspectives."

"Thanks for letting me share my experiences with others. I feel that I'm more confident to try things and not worry how others will perceive me."

"I realised...No matter how old you are, if you're a guy or a girl, if you're professional or if you just want to have more creative freedom, there are a lot of people struggling with this."

"I am now on the verge of breaking through to a new level of creative freedom."

Coaching testimonials
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