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Graphic recording (GR) captures complex information visually, combining words, shapes, symbols, and imagery in real-time. Enhancing engagement, comprehension, memory retention, and emotional connection, GR is ideal for workshops, conferences, and presentations. As a Professional Level Member of Graphic Recorders Australia, I offer digital graphic recording, rich pictures/illustrations, and visual practice training/coaching. Check out testimonials from happy clients.



"Sally is a dream to work with, she can take either a detailed brief, or a mix of verbal concepts, and easily construct an impactful graphic capturing the story being told. I would highly recommend Sally for anyone wanting to bring visual storytelling to life. I have worked with Sally across multiple projects from having Sally attend a team planning day and live scribing our concepts, to stand alone engagement pieces for communication plans. As a team this was a huge help, as it can often be hard to reflect and revise on discussions and concepts during a session. But Sally was able to not only capture our concepts, but the spirit of our discussions, and guide us through the reflections."


— Kendall Boyd, Senior Adviser, Change Projects and Partnerships, Organisational Transformation Division, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)


"Sally always brings a high level of professionalism to her work through her knowledge and skills in graphic design but what I really appreciate is her honest creativity that communicates the message with clarity, creativity and joy. We recently held a state-wide forum at where representatives from large Victorian health services were invited to listen to presentations and engage in an interactive workshop with executives and clinicians about what a system might look like that responds better to the needs of older people. The question was how we could imaginatively capture this information and feed it back to the participants in a timely way. We had seen one of Sally’s interactive scribes and, having worked collaboratively with Sally previously and knowing how professional she is, we knew that this would be an exciting way to capture the session in an innovative and engaging way. We met a couple of times prior to the forum to discuss our needs and she gave us some very useful feedback that helped to shape exactly what we wanted to get out of the session. The final product is fantastic. Her ability to listen to complex discussions and synthesize key information in such a clear and engaging format is amazing. At the end of the session the participants were amazed to see their thoughts materialise across the screen. The final artwork occupied a prominent place for the recent Australasian Association of Gerontology national conference."


—Nicole Doran, Manager, Older People Policy, Seniors Ageing and Aged Care Division, DHHS


"Sally can communicate things, concepts and feelings, capture the correct content live, and synthesise and summarise information in the illustration. I have been fortunate enough to work with Sally in her role as a Graphic Recorder. In the work she has done for me, we have been working with a group of young people providing advice to a government Minister. The visual representation of the meeting has been an effective tool, which for the members largely replaces traditional minutes. We have found the drawings to be clear and pleasing in their design, and to show relationships between ideas and flow between parts of the meeting. Sally’s design elements have been well-received by those to whom we have provided the representation of the meeting."


—Randi Brooks, Senior Coordinator, Secretariat, Strategy and Planning Division, DHHS

GR testimonials
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