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Everyday when Betty wakes up, she is a different colour.

All the little chickens wait to see, just what colour she will be!

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This book's simplicity and rhythm weave with the detail, sweetness and fun of each illustration. It combines simple layers of information for various stages of learning. It's a demonstrated literacy tool, suitable for ages 0–5, but most of all, it's fun!

What colours am I? has had a strong response from children and parents. We are very appreciative of your reviews and your 'Just a note to say thanks...' messages! The reviews also demonstrate a boost in a child’s confidence to learn and to speak. One librarian said: 

"An English teaching friend of mine was asked to teach a South American child English. She wasn’t prepared with any children’s books and asked if I could provide her with some. I gave her a pile, and this is the one book the child refused to put down as he loved it so much. Of course, he also learnt his basic colours!”

The back section provides caregivers with questions and discussion points, so the child can use their imagination and expand upon the basic story.

Hardcover children's book 32pp, printed on beautiful, smooth white paper. It can be separated and stuck on the wall. Written, illustrated and designed by Sally Mazak. Published by SalMaz Studios, ISBN 0 9758322 0 4


"By far Sailor's favourite book for two weeks now and still going." — S.Mariani 

“What colour are you? Rainbow coloured! We think your book is lovely, Sally. Congratulations.” — Books Illustrated, Albert Park, Melbourne

“Just a wee email to say we love the aqua chicken the best. We LOVE it…it's a beautiful book. Ethan is Betty’s biggest fan!” — C. Potts

“Max went to the letter box yesterday looking for his book because Nana won't let him have hers. So I guess he will have to look for the next few weeks. Best of luck with the rest of the books to come and I will have a standing order for 4.” — M.Shervington

“A gift that continues to give!” — A.Ross

“Just a note to thank you for the opportunity to have a copy of your lovely book. Thanks also for the beautiful message to Xara Lilly. You can be sure that she will enjoy having the book read and re-read to her over her formative years.” — E.Halloran

“Just wanted to let you know that my little girl Holly LOVES 'What Colours am I'. She squeals with delight whenever we read it together. I will admit that I have actually turned it into a song!! Pink Betty is her favourite. Thank you! When your next book comes out, we will definitely add that to our collection!” — Z.Austin

“The book looks awesome! I read my copy to Zoë (3), my boss's daughter and now it's her favourite book, she wouldn't put it down, so I gave her a copy!” 

“The book is fab!!!! I brought it into work and everyone loves it…a lady really wants one for her grandchild and I also would like another 2 for my cousins.”

“Just a quick note to say my kids love your story about Betty! Annie reads it to Michael and they love it!” — O.Fellas

Reviews from the Engage Victoria website

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